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I am committed to seeking peaceful and amicable solutions whenever possible, encouraging mediation and negotiation to resolve family conflicts. However, it is also prepared to defend the rights and interests of its clients in court when necessary.

Civil Rights

I work in a wide range of areas related to civil rights, such as discrimination, voting rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, access to education, fair housing and other issues that affect people’s lives in society.

Traffic Accidents

My main objective is to protect the rights of your clients and help them obtain adequate compensation for the damages and injuries suffered in the accident. I am familiar with the laws and regulations related to traffic accidents and have experience in negotiations with insurance companies and court litigation if necessary.


I provide legal advice to heirs and any other party involved in the inheritance process. I can assist in the drafting and probate of wills, as well as in the interpretation of testamentary clauses. In addition, I can ensure that the legal requirements and deadlines for submitting the documents and carrying out the inheritance distribution process are met.

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